Saturday, 23rd June 2018

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Exceptional Encounters

Enhanced reality tales from Southeast Asia

"Story-telling alchemy."

— Lesley S. Pullen, art historian at SOAS, University of London

"One of those rare books where fact and fantasy first clash and then merge. Explosively delightful."

— Harry Rolnick, author of Spice Chronicles

Available on Available on ISBN: 978-2-940573-29-5

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Uzi Fever

Letting the macho urges go out with a bang in Cambodia PHNOM PENH, Cambodia In this uncertain world of drive-by killings, high school massacres and gonzo postal workers, is there nowhere a guy can go to blast an Uzi for fun without being labeled a politically-incorrect barbarian? Well, there’s always Cambodia, where Taiwanese entrepreneur Victor Chao has set up one of the country’s two public shooting ranges a few minutes from Phnom Penh...

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