Sunday, 17th February 2019

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Exceptional Encounters

Enhanced reality tales from Southeast Asia

"Story-telling alchemy."

— Lesley S. Pullen, art historian at SOAS, University of London

"One of those rare books where fact and fantasy first clash and then merge. Explosively delightful."

— Harry Rolnick, author of Spice Chronicles

Available on Available on ISBN: 978-2-940573-29-5

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The Literate Orangutan

Trying to teach a red ape to write SEPILOK, Sabah, Malaysia What if we could communicate with other species? What could an orangutan tell us about her life, about her emotions when her rainforest is chopped down, about the rascally behavior of randy adolescent male orangutans? * * * * * I’ve seen orangutans in the wild, an increasingly-rare occurrence since the big red apes are scarce and becoming even more difficult to spot. Such encounters...

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