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Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Share Your Journey wins prestigious global award

Posted on 28. Jul, 2017 by in News and Events

Gold Medal Winner
2017 eLit Awards

Share Your Journey – Mastering Personal Writing has been awarded the Gold Medal in the Writing/Publishing category of the U.S.-based eLit Awards.  According to the judges, these awards are “dedicated to honoring the best e-books published each year for the North American market.”

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Share Your Journey is an easy-to-use handbook for people who want to write their personal stories but aren’t sure how to start and how to make their stories interesting. It’s based on the writing workshops I’ve run in more than twenty countries.

You’ll learn the (surprisingly easy) techniques professional writers use to write personal memoirs and travel stories that connect with editors and readers. Some highlights:

  • Recognize the dynamics of your own hero’s journey
  • Create instant intimacy with the reader
  • Tell the story by following the Little Red Riding Hood Strategy
  • Create conflict with the Nancy Reagan Principle
  • Write like Steven Spielberg directs
  • Eliminate fluff like Michelangelo
  • Keep ’em hanging on with the Scheherazade Scenario
  • Invoke the Story of One to represent the Story of Many

Share Your Journey is to good writing as Joy of Cooking is to good food. I wish all my students had this book before taking my writing classes; hell, I wish I had this book earlier in my career. It’s smart, fun, and every page contains nuggets of essential advice.”
Gary Goshgarian, professor of creative writing, Northeastern University

“Paul Sochaczewski learned his craft carefully over decades and he now shares the secrets to why he’s successful. He offers ten simple, but too often overlooked guidelines, then amply (and memorably) illustrates each one with samples from his own works and a library full of other writers demonstrating how easily it can be done.”
Jerry Hopkins, former editor of Rolling Stone, best-selling author of Elvis: The Biography and No One Here Gets Out Alive 

“If I had to parachute only one book to a Robinson Crusoe-type stranded on a deserted island who wanted to write his personal story, I have no doubt it would be Paul Sochaczewski’s Share Your Journey: Mastering Personal Writing. The toolkit Paul offers allows the person with a story and some raw talent to build a word castle that rises to the heavens.”
Christopher G. Moore, author of the Vincent Calvino novels and Heart Talk

“If you want … your writing to leap off the page and click its heels in mid-air, read this book and follow its good advice. This is a lifetime’s wisdom, offered by a pro.”
Thomas Bass, author of The Spy Who Loved Us, Vietnamerica, and The Predictors; professor of English and journalism at State University of New York

ISBN: 978-2-940573-15-8
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