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Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Launch of Distant Greens – 2nd Edition

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Announcing a new edition of Paul’s classic exploration of golf: Distant Greens

Special ebook launch price of 99 cents through August 22.
(paperback also available—see below for ordering information)


ISBN: 978-2-940573-23-3
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Distant Greens travels to the highest golf course in the world, where breathless Tibetan precepts come face to face with the oxymoron of Indian military intelligence. To a golf course in the Amazon rainforest, near the source of rubber, which revolutionized the game. To the Middle Kingdom, to examine claims that it was the Chinese, and not the Scots, who invented golf. And to a volcanic Indonesian course where the Mermaid Queen ensures that “her” sultan always has good weather when he plays.

Distant Greens also travels into the soul of golf, the rituals, the belief that a tetrachaidecohedron-dimple-pattern can make a difference. Why can throwing junk-shop 4-irons provide an insight into the soul? What does a Zen priest in Japan hope to teach his acolyte golfers? Why do people cheat? Why do golfers remember the bad shots instead of the good shots? And why is golf more important, to some folks, than sex?

What is the future of golf? Can golf and nature support each other? What can golfers do to ensure that their golf course is environmentally responsible? And what happened when Jesus, Moses, and Mohammed played a round?

Critical Praise:

Distant Greens is an intimate golfing tour that travels to all corners of the planet and brings us into the heart, mind, and soul of the game that we all love.”

—Rick Lipsey, Sports Illustrated 

“These enthralling stories take us to some of the world’s strangest golf courses. They are more than travel stories; they are insightful, funny, and often touching human tales that provide new insights on why we play the game. Proves the adage that the quality of sports writing is inversely proportional to the size of the ball.”

—Micah Woods, director, Asian Turfgrass Center

“Travels to golf courses where they oughtn’t be, visits with some of the most intriguing golfic characters the world over, and never strays far from the reader’s heart. A quirky, funny, layered, insightful, beautifully written collection for golfers who ponder the meaning of this ever-fascinating, eternally frustrating, always-satisfying game.”

—Daniel Navid, president, International Golf and Life Foundation

“An impressive volume that links reportage on golf around the world with insights on the personal aspects of the game. But what makes Distant Greens so important, and a must-read, is how Sochaczewski addresses the role of golf in environmental destruction and, surprisingly for some, how golf can be a force for conservation. He offers new directions that golfers, and golf course owners and managers, should heed for the good of the game and for the good of nature.”

—Jeffrey McNeely, chief scientist, IUCN-International Union for Conservation of Nature

“More than a golf travel book, more than a discourse on the spiritual nature of the game, this collection of insightful (and funny) essays and exceptional reportage explores new vistas about some of golf’s most interesting people and places, and gets to the heart of the very reason so many of us love this game.”

—Fred Shoemaker, coach, author and founder of Extraordinary Golf

Distant Greens gets to the core of golf’s eco-spiritual essence with a collection of charming, insightful, and often amusing stories, anecdotes, and commentary that traverse the globe yet reside happily in the realm of ‘good heart.”’

—Steve Cohen, president, The Shivas Irons Society

“Paul Sochaczewski brings insight, awareness, vision, and clarity to the unconventional and unsung parts of this historic game. His writing informs and illuminates while drawing attention to the importance of environment to the integrity and future of golf. Indeed, this is big writing.”

—Ron Fream, golf architect of courses in 65 countries 

Distant Greens explores ‘inner’ golf — the golf of the spirit and heart as well as ‘outer’ golf — the magic of playing exotic courses and meeting extraordinary people. Equally interesting and important, the book suggests a new eco-spiritual relationship with the game that each golfer can adopt. Essential (and elegant) reading for anyone who loves the game.”    

—Dennis Cone, founder, Professional Caddies Association

“Paul Sochaczewski has created an exceptional book that gives the reader insights into the internal and external journeys of golf.  I’m particularly impressed by the chapters on the psychology of golf. Distant Greens is both insightful and thought provoking, particularly since many of the themes in the book relate to how we manage our emotions and how (and why) we create “core beliefs” based on performance. Why do we make ourselves “wrong”?  Why do we beat ourselves up when we hit bad shots instead of patting ourselves on the back for good shots? What is going on in our complex brains? Golf is a beautiful game, and Paul provides insights into how we might enjoy it more.

—Jennifer K. Jones, consultant in sport and performance psychology, Staffordshire University


If you prefer a real book (I understand), you can buy the book as a paperback for $16.95.

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Note: If you are Amazon-averse, the paperback should be available to order at any bricks-and-mortar bookstore, as well as through (US only) after August 18th.

Enjoy a new edition of Paul’s classic comic eco-thriller Redheads.

ISBN: 978-2-940573-18-9
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What is Redheads about?

In the middle of a Borneo rainforest, a band of near-naked Penan tribesmen, encouraged by an equally clothes-challenged renegade Swiss shepherd, hesitantly blockade a logging truck, testing their commitment to protect their forest home. Nearby, a researcher studying orangutans is threatened with being thrown out of her study site unless she can reach a delicate compromise with the powerful minister of the environment. Meanwhile, loggers are busy at work, devastating the rainforest. And rehabilitant orangutans are not playing nice.

Time is running out for the people and the orangutans who share this threatened environment. Who has the answer to saving the world’s oldest forest — the marketing experts of an international nature conservation group or the earnest monkey-wrenchers?

At the heart of Redheads‘ black-humored fictional action lies the very real problem of rainforest destruction and the philosophical question of where the real boundaries lie between apes and humans. And just what is it about red silk underwear?

Also includes:

A Foreword by James Clad, professor of South and Southeast Asian studies at Georgetown University, and former United States deputy assistant secretary of defense for Asia Pacific affairs.

And an Afterword by Jeffrey McNeely, former chief scientist at IUCN, and senior advisor to Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.  He is co-author of Mammals of Thailand and Soul of the Tiger.


Critical Praise:

Redheads does for the struggle to save the rainforests of Borneo what Catch-22 did for the struggle to stay alive in World War II.

Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael

“Free-thinking, intelligent, and irreverent — Redheads reminds me of a Kurt Vonnegut thriller. It’s bold, pacey — even racy … a quirky and often laugh-out-loud funny Robin Hood parable about the willful destruction of Asia’s forests and the price we pay by turning a blind eye. I loved this visceral eco-thriller, a sort of jungle morality play in which there’s more than simply the trees to lose.”

Benedict Allen, author of Into the Crocodile’s Nest: Journey Inside New Guineaand Hunting the Gugu: In Search of the Lost Ape-Men of Sumatra

Redheads is the perfect example of a new genre, a comic eco-thriller so suspenseful that you learn about this strange world while sitting on the edge of your seat … a roaring tale of tropical suspense. It is witty and smart and altogether a wonderful treat.”

— Thomas Bass, author of The Spy Who Loved Us, Vietnamerica, and The Predictors, professor of English and journalism at State University of New York

“With the trained eyes and the sensitivity of someone who lived among the orangutans in the wilds of Borneo, Sochaczewski tells a captivating story of the struggle to save the rainforests. Redheads reads like a fast-paced, high-powered movie script that makes the issue of environmental devastation come alive and demand reforms.”

Robert A. Pastor, professor at Emory University and former staff National Security Council 


  If you prefer a real book (I understand), you can buy the book as a paperback for $16.95.

visit Amazon US for paperback

visit Amazon UK for paperback

Note: If you are Amazon-averse, the paperback should be available to order at any bricks-and-mortar bookstore, as well as through (US only) after June 25th.

Enjoy true Asian tales of folly and greed, ambition,
mysticism and dreams …

Curious Encounters – Myanmar (Burma)
October 1, 2015

ISBN: 978-2-940573-00-4
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Curious Encounters – Indonesia
November 1, 2015

ISBN: 978-2-940573-03-5
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Curious Encounters – Himalaya
December 1, 2015

ISBN: 978-2-940573-08-0
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Curious Encounters – Borneo
February 1, 2016

ISBN: 978-2-940573-09-7
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Curious Encounters – Southeast Asia
March 1, 2016

ISBN: 978-2-940573-14-1

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This is a five-book series containing true stories I’ve written based on my 45 years of living and exploring in curious corners of Asia.

Some highlights:

  • Can 200-million-year-old fossilized freshwater shark dung bring you good luck?  
  • What’s the attraction of coffee that’s been digested by a civet? 
  • How did Vietnam’s last elephant hunter, at the age of 90, get a lucrative sponsorship deal for a tonic that makes men more powerful?
  • Did a love potion help a Filipino politician become governor? 
  • Why do prominent modern Indonesian sultans continue love affairs with the Mermaid Queen?
  • What’s a woman to do when a Hindu god doesn’t return her mountain?
  • Does the yeti illuminate the dark side of our souls?
  • How do “often frothy” phalluses protect Bhutanese villagers?
  • How close are we to orangutans?
  • Has White-Brown colonialism been replaced by Brown-Brown arrogance?
  • Why did a gentle grandmother spit at a ghost?
  • How did Myanmar’s ruling junta use white elephants to consolidate their power?
  • What arrogance drives western travelers to seek the “unknown”?
  • What do jumping cats have to do with Buddhism’s Middle Path?

Selected reviews:

“In the great tradition of Asian reporting. The humanity of Somerset Maugham, the adventure of Joseph Conrad, the perception of Paul Theroux, and a self-effacing voice uniquely his own.”

Gary Braver, bestselling author of Tunnel Vision

“The spirit of Kipling in contemporary Asian journalism.  This collection is essential reading for anyone who wishes to pass beyond even the unbeaten track, right to the heart of Asia.”

John Burdett, author of Bangkok Eight, Bangkok Tattoo, and Bangkok Asset

“In this series, Sochaczewski explores the hidden corners, the forgotten people, and their surprising tales. All the personal traveler’s tales in these volumes are captivating, all filled with humor, drama and insight, with an edgy take-no-prisoners voice. You won’t find anything else like this on the bookshelf.”

Jeff McNeely, former chief scientist, International Union for Conservation of Nature

“If anyone can pull off something as innovative as Curious Encounters, it’s Paul Sochaczewski. Expect pellucid writing, insightful irreverence, and universal truths elegantly presented, in a genre that defies categorization.”

John Keay, author of India: A History, China: A History, and Mad about the Mekong


And to help you write your own personal travel stories …

Share Your Journey is an easy-to-use handbook for people who want to write their personal stories but aren’t sure how to start and how to make it interesting. It’s based on the writing workshops I’ve run in more than twenty countries.

You’ll learn the (surprisingly easy) technique professional writers use to write personal memoirs and travel stories that connect with editors and readers. Some highlights:

  • Recognize the dynamics of your own hero’s journey
  • Create instant intimacy with the reader
  • Tell the story by following the Little Red Riding Hood Strategy
  • Create conflict with the Nancy Reagan Principle
  • Write like Steven Spielberg directs
  • Eliminate fluff like Michelangelo
  • Keep ’em hanging on with the Scheherazade Scenario
  • Invoke the Story of One to represent the Story of Many

Share Your Journey  is to good writing as Joy of Cooking  is to good food. I wish all my students had this book before taking my writing classes; hell, I wish I had this book earlier in my career. It’s smart, fun, and every page contains nuggets of essential advice.”

Gary Goshgarian, professor of creative writing, Northeastern University

“Paul Sochaczewski learned his craft carefully over decades and he now shares the secrets to why he’s successful. He offers ten simple, but too often overlooked guidelines, them amply (and memorably) illustrates each one with samples from his own works and a library full of other writers demonstrating how easily it can be done.”

Jerry Hopkins, former editor of Rolling Stone, best-selling author of Elvis: The Biography and No One Here Gets Out Alive 

“Paul’s Ten Tips, buttressed by some great to-the-point examples, will stand among the best advice a nonfiction writer can ever hope to have.”

James Clad, former Far Eastern Economic Review bureau chief in Malaysia, India, the Philippines; author of Behind the Myth: Business, Money and Power in Southeast Asia

“If I had to parachute only one book to a Robinson Crusoe-type stranded on a deserted island who wanted to write his personal story, I have no doubt it would be Paul Sochaczewski’s Share Your Journey: Mastering Personal Writing. The toolkit Paul offers allows the person with a story and some raw talent to build a word castle that rises to the heavens.”

Christopher G. Moore, author of the Vincent Calvino novels and Heart Talk

“If you want … your writing to leap off the page and click its heels in mid-air, read this book and follow its good advice. This is a lifetime’s wisdom, offered by a pro.”

Thomas Bass, author of The Spy Who Loved Us, Vietnamerica, and The Predictors; professor of English and journalism at State University of New York


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Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

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