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Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

IGOLF-International Golf and Life Foundation

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IGOLF-International Golf and Life Foundation

IGOLF-International Golf and Life Foundation

I am chairman and creative director of IGOLF- International Golf and Life Foundation.

The sport of golf is growing in importance around the world.  We believe that golf can be a positive force in people’s lives and play an important role in creating environmental and social sustainability.  IGOLF wants to provide examples of best practice and provide visibility for golf courses which accept their responsibility to be good stewards of the earth and good citizens within their communities.

What is IGOLF?

IGOLF is an independent, non-profit, international organization headquartered in Switzerland. We promote environmental and social responsibility in golf.

IGOLF’s three Councils include global experts, other non-profit organizations with similar objectives, and corporations committed to IGOLF’s Vision: A healthy, sustainable golf experience.

Why was IGOLF created?

IGOLF was established by a group of people who are passionate about golf and equally passionate about nature conservation and social development.

We have noted that sometimes golf is criticized (sometimes with justification) for being detrimental to nature.

We believe that a well-managed golf course can be a substantial force for good. A good golf course can act as a nature reserve for wildlife, reduce carbon from the atmosphere, filter air and water and reduce urban temperatures.

Also, a good golf course enhances the community in which it is located.

What does IGOLF do?

We strive to develop a situation where golfers enjoy their sport in an atmosphere of environmental and social responsibility, with appreciation of the health, spiritual, cultural and historic aspects of the sport, and in which golf course operators recognize their responsibility to maintain and enhance environmental and social values.


The IGOLF program is based on five interlocking thematic areas:

         1. Laureate Courses

            Acknowledge courses which exemplify environmental and social responsibility.

         2. Sharing Knowledge

            Exchange information among golf course operators about best practices; develop new educational and training programs.

         3. IGOLF People

            Promote responsible individual behavior and golf etiquette, primarily through the “Share the green passion” program.

         4. Outreach

            Spread the message of sustainability via the media.

         5. Awards

            Reward excellence through a series of awards.

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