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Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Exploring Your Personal Odyssey

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A Creative Writing Workshop that Helps People Tell Their Personal Stories


Do you want to write your personal story but don’t know how to begin? This workshop will give you the start you need to craft your own personal essay.

Paul’s creative writing techniques include “zen-music-speedwriting” exercises, numerous useful tips (the Michaelangelo Secret, Little Red Riding Hood’s Key, the Wizard of Oz Quest), and examples from a variety of personal essay styles.

By the end of the day you will have begun to write your personal memoir using practical techniques that can be applied to all kinds of writing, including travel and adventure writing.

Paul has run this workshop in some 20 countries, including seven consecutive years at the University of Hawaii Summer Session.


Shelley from Australia: “With elegance, deep knowledge and great generosity Paul has taken me into story, catalyzed my own writing in a way I’d hoped for but was too scared really to expect. I’m thrilled I did this.”

Mark from the United States: “A wealth of info packed into a short workshop; could have gone on for two days.  Invite him back.”

Virginia from Hong Kong:  “Life changing event, I loved the layers and the learning that evolved.”

Natale from Australia:  “A truly amazing experience. Very clearly presented, so much information yet not overwhelming.”

Lynne from UK:  “Phenomenal!  I learnt so much, I was inspired.  Very powerful and enjoyable.  Paul showed respect and expected the same from the participants.”

Liesbeth from the Netherlands: “Well prepared, totally engaging, enormously worthwhile. Learnt so much!”

Philip from Bali:  “A master teacher, combining information, humor, compassion, focus and pushing people to stretch. The equivalent of two workshops in one.”

Mary Jane from Singapore:  “I was so pleased with the opportunity to work with you. You were so professional, including being very generous and inspiring.  I got kicked back into action. And you were so right, your key 10 tips for good writing keep popping up everywhere. Your communication skills were superb, and I really respect your well thought out, yet flexible structure.”

Jen from France:  “Great mix of writing strategies and time to write and critique/share with others—amazing journeys.  More!”

Barry from the UK: “For twelve years I had intended to write about my experiences in Africa in the early 1990s and so far I hadn’t committed a single word to paper.  Within days of attending Paul’s seminar I had written 2,500 words, was full of ideas and couldn’t wait to sit down at the keyboard and continue the story.”

Rita from Bangkok:  “It was such a privilege to be in the company of Paul who is such a prolific speaker and teacher.  This was my first ever workshop and I cannot express in words how encouraged I was to carry on in my very amateur writing.  Paul’s method of sharing his journalistic skills with us is expressed so simply and intelligently.  I loved the way he started with Swan Lake and encouraged us to use music as a tool as it is so uplifting and inspirational and to make our writing do exactly that, sing!!!!”

Colin from Bangkok: “I both appreciated and enjoyed Paul’s enlightened workshop, particularly his “10 Tips”.  Restricting the participants to 14 provided a warm, friendly atmosphere. Being an engineer, my writing is typically dry and formal, far removed from  travel writing; the course gave me useful insights on how and where to start.”

Bronwen from New Zealand: “… an experience which we will treasure for the rest of our lives…the warmth and dynamics were amazing.  People left feeling incredibly good about themselves and each other and with the motivation to write — it was transformational, just as you said it should be.”

Dzeni from Singapore: “Gave my creative muse a kick in the pants.”

Robin from Switzerland: “It was as if it was predestined that I take this workshop.  What I found a bit of a mind-blower was how much good stuff one can write in such short spaces of time.  The workshop has given me a confidence, unleashed a power and energy that tells me that I can actually write.”

Karin from USA: “Informative, useful, inspiring and enjoyable, with many ideas for new ways to approach my writing.”

Arunee from Thailand: “Enjoyed it so much; well-planned and no let down in the momentum, plenty of  ‘movement’.”

Jenny from USA: “‘Too much psycho-babble in your head’, my husband said. Could writing become a reality for me?  The advice in Paul’s workshop was good for writing just about anything. His ‘ten tips’ worked; he shined a light on a path that dealt with my self doubt and low self-esteem. A Cinderella slipper moment.”

Ning from Bangkok:  “Fantastic. I love the session of writing with music.  I was so surprised that it could make my writing so much easier.  Your technique of how to start writing is also super! Now I feel like I can write anything easily.  My problem was that I didn’t know how to start and you just fixed it.”


Paul speaking about his workshop on YouTube

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