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Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Malaysia: Heart of Southeast Asia

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Malaysia: Heart of Southeast Asia

Malaysia: Heart of Southeast Asia

Photographs by 46 of the World’s Finest Photographers

Archipelago Press. 1991. Singapore. ISBN 981-002733-8


Paul Sochaczewski (in this book writing as Paul Wachtel) wrote about the nature of Malaysia in the long chapter “Nature: The Goddess with a Thousand Faces”.  The book features the specially-commissioned images of 46 of the world’s most famous photographers.

Sample chapter

A weak burst of heat lightning illuminates a two-meter leatherback turtle that has plodded ashore to lay her eggs, as her kind have done for millions of years.

Where a river meets the sea, a “Dutch monkey” watches a man throw a fishing net.

A Penan in the Borneo forest silently aims his blowpipe to kill a gibbon.

A fisherman paints a bird’s eye on the prow of his fishing boat to bring good fortune.

A visitor, stopping for a rest while climbing Southeast Asia’s highest mountain, marvels at a pitcher plant murdering its dinner.

An Iban watches the flight of birds along an inland river, and decides not to go to his farm that day.

A laborer with a chainsaw sends a towering dipterocarp crashing to earth.

A physician prescribes edible birds nests to treat a persistent cough.

Nature in Malaysia is a Goddess of a Thousand Faces. People see in her what they wish – vulnerability, majesty, food, a cosmic balance, spirits.  People look at Nature and see themselves – warrior, hunter, hustler, voyager, parent, student, poet.

Nature has blessed Malaysia. The country’s geography, climate and varying topography have created a natural feast. Because Malaysia has such a  wide variety of environments – forests, wetlands, mountains and seas, it hosts a bewildering variety of life.

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