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Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

Eco Bluff Your Way to Greenism

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Eco Bluff Your Way to Greenism

Eco Bluff Your Way to Greenism

The Guide to Instant Environmental Credibility

Bonus Books, Inc. Chicago. 1991. ISBN 0-929387-22-8


Paul Sochaczewski (in this book writing as Paul Wachtel) and Jeffrey A. McNeely

Green is the world’s trendiest color. Everybody wants to be seen as caring about the environment, but few people have the time or energy needed to get past rudimentary exclamations about the greenhouse effect or the loss of tropical forests. Eco-Bluff Your Way to Greenism provides quick and painless eco-credibility, providing essential advice on such things as how to deal with people who prefer elephants to human beings, how to establish your street-cred by explaining the PR coup of Chief Seattle (Seathl to you), how to stir up a party by roaring like an eco-guerilla, how to mount a spirited defense of the Mount Graham red squirrel.  And next time your golf buddy complains about his slice, you can assure him that a lousy swing is still preferable to the life of the ai, a small South American beetle, which lives – never mind, read the book.

The book skewers corporate hypocrites, political self-servers, and yellow-greenies.  The authors take no prisoners in this tongue-in-cheek exposé which laughs at issues that are too important to be taken too seriously.


“What a book! I couldn’t cry – I was laughing too much. Covers insights into potentially disastrous global issues in a bright and (dare I say) enjoyable way.  Opens our eyes to a new and more effective vision of the pathway to environmental sanity.”

            Noel Vietmeyer, U.S. National Academy of Sciences

“A hilarious romp through the lexicon of eco-babble, replete with gentle but telling jabs at the people, institutions and jargon of the Green world. But even a book this light-hearted powerfully signals the sweeping breadth of the authors’ knowledge about environmental affairs, and the intensity of their caring about the planet’s fate. Learn while you laugh. Then go forth and spread the Word.”

Roger D. Stone, author Dreams of Amazonia and The Voyage of the Sanderling

Sample chapter

The big Eco-Issues:

“Environment” is such an all-embracing term that a beginning eco-bluffer could easily get bogged down by the creative ways humanity has devised to foul its own nest….Best to focus on just five major eco-issues….

Eco-issue 2:

People are consuming our planet to feed their greed.

This position takes its strength from the basic human need to feel guilty. Humanity – if that’s the right term – has been consuming natural resources such as forests, soils, and fisheries at a pace that far outstrips nature’s rate of natural renewal.  We’ve been living on credit, you can say, and now the bills are due. But who is going to pay? Make certain that everybody realizes you are asking a rhetorical question, because you certainly don’t want to hazard an answer (much less offer to pick up the bill).

Many would-be eco-bluffers will link overpopulation with poverty. You can play this one for all it’s worth, comfortable in the knowledge that nobody you are likely to be talking to has ever really experienced poverty. To most eco-bluffers, poverty is like Nigeria – they’ve never been there, but don’t like it anyway….

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